I've been obsessed with beauty & anything "lashes" since I was a little girl. I started, like most of us do, by applying way too much eyeshadow & globs of mascara. As a fifth grader, I thought, "the more-the better". Needless to say, more is not always better. 

Around high school, I finally graduated to strip lashes, first with Ardells, then making the jump to (expensive) mink strips. Every time I spent another $50 on one pair of lashes (that only lasted about a week), I would cringe & feel like I was really over doing it. If I didn't accidentally melt my new strips with my curling iron(yes its happened to me before), then it was a problem with the glue coming up in the corners and giving me what I call "the runaway eyelash look."-not good!

Long story short, I found out about eyelash extensions, got my first set & became addicted! Having full, dark, curly, lashes from the moment you wake up was a game changer for me. My makeup routine was cut in half, or sometimes skipped entirely (which is saying something for a girl who loves playing with her makeup)! My friends & family noticed the difference and asked me to do their lashes, and it snowballed from there. Eventually, I got certified in Mink Eyelash Extensions, and have been having a great time enhancing my already beautiful clients eyes ever since! I strive to build lasting relationships with my customers, and want you to leave happy every time! 

Thanks for visiting! Send me a message or call if you have any questions about the Lux Lash Extension process!